about us : 

The Hadipay site is an automatic online service exchanger provider for all electronic currencies

, such as : (Internet dollars: Perfectmoney – Webmoney – Payeer – AdvCash – Entro Money – Tether

 and coins: – Ethereum – Bitcoin – Litecoin – Dogecoin – Bitcoin Cash – Ripple – Ethereum Clasic

– Dash coin – Tron – Stellar – Neo – Monero – Peercoin – Zcash – Lisk And the internet ruble such as :

yandexmoney – payeer – Webmoney ) .

 Site goals: 

Our goal of launching this site is to create a transparent and reliable environment for all users of the deeply

enthusiastic world E-commerce. Due to lack of admission For the business of our dear users on the

World Wide Web, we decided to set up this base for all your needs Come to trade and convert

global internet exchanges. Hope we have been able to serve worthy servants for your entourage .

Our goal is to win the trust and satisfaction of respectable customers because our customers

are trustworthy, and with the advancement of the site, there will surely be more advanced features to this site .

We work in around-the-clock mode – Exchange platform hadipay.com – is a reliable financial
partner, make exchanges Automatically or 1 minutes .
 Site features : 
1. This site is connected to the most powerful ssl security protocol (https) for protecting our customers .
2. This site is approved by several international electronic money banks such as: Perfect Money (Account Personnel),
WebMoney (Merchant Passport), Payer (Account Personnel), Address Book (Account Personnel), Intromunity (Account Personnel) and … .
3. Support 24-hour and always-online site at all stages of the orders of your exchange .
4. Minimal purchases with low quantities, for minimum testing speed and accuracy and trust in transactions
for dear customers .
((This is your heartfelt trust that has given credit to this site in the world.))
Thanks to the Hadipay Team
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