Affiliates program : 

We developed a simple and profitable affiliate program . This program gives you the opportunity to receive from us

a reward if your friends will take advantage of our services .

You get from 7 to 21% of the profits of our exchange, which we get from the exchange made by a person who went to

our website through Your referral link. In the future you will receive a reward of all exchanges of your referral.

 Level  Amount of trades  Partner percentage
1 от 0 USD 7 %
2 от 5000 USD 11 %
3 от 10000 USD 13 %
4 от 20000 USD 15 %
5 от 30000 USD 18 %
6 от 50000 USD 21 %

Our affiliate program has 6 levels. The partner transition to the new level of the program occurs automatically

upon reaching a certain amount, received from the exchanges that made Your referrals .

Everyone can earn with our affiliate program. You only need to register on our website, and use a special affiliate link

that you can find in your profile, section Affiliate program .

The use of our advertising materials that you can find in Your personal account, section Affiliate program, is appreciated.

Money is charged in USD immediately after processing a request for currency exchange. You can apply a request for withdrawal immediately after charging referral money. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD.

We reserve the right to make changes in the affiliate program at any time .