1 – My exchange order on the hadipay site is in trouble What should I do? To keep track of

your order, if you have hadipay support online, tell us about your order and get information,

or get over from the site of hadipay, and send a message to the site from our contact section .


2 – What electronic money will be converted on the hadipay site? Hadipay site ready for

online conversion service and Fully automatic all electronic money such as: (Internet dollars :

Perfectmoney – Webmoney – Payeer – AdvCash – Entro Money – Tether and coins: – Ethereum

– Bitcoin – Litecoin – Dogecoin – Bitcoin Cash – Ripple – Ethereum Clasic – Dash coin – Tron

– Stellar – Neo – Monero – Peercoin – Zcash – Lisk And the internet ruble such as: yandexmoney

– payeer – Webmoney ) And … Dear Customers – To register a conversion order in Electronic Guides,

please click on the link below :

Exchange page –>> https://hadipay.com


3 – Does the hadipay site sell software or hardware to the bitcoin wallet?

Answer : No, the hadipay site never arrived at and does not log into Bitcoin’s software or

hardware, and the hasipay site is just the online conversion service for all of the

electronic money in the world .


4 – Do you buy PayPal, Payza, Nettlar, Visa Card, MasterCard, and Western Union transfers on

the hadipay site? We do not have buying and selling services for paypal electronics, payza,

nettlar and skril money bookers – we sell a credit card Visa Card or Master Card or other

International credit cards or international transfers such as Western Union and

Mannheim and so on .


5 – What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an agreement network that has created a new payment system and a completely

digital form of money. This is the first pay-as-you-go pay-as-you-go point to be decentralized,

powered by its users without any central or intermediate authority. From the point of view of

a user, bitcoin is much like cash-online .


6 – How long has the exchange order on the hadipay site been?
All orders are processed and completed Automatically or 1 minutes after the order is registered .


7 – What is the cost of exchange every bit of kiev to the hadipay site?
If you intend to exchange bitcoin to us, you can check the instant price from the

exchange department to us – Useful links :

1 – Bitcoin exchange 2 – Bitcoin Learn

3 - Official Website and Creating a Bitcoin Online Wallet https://blockchain.com


8 – Why when exchange a bitcoin, a site sponsor tells you that your wallet number is wrong?

If you enter your Bitcoin address in the exchange form, “cb2b1a59-642a-4b1e-e3ef-6600388d63eb”

is incorrect. Because it’s 32 Your wmid number is your bitcoin account and you must

refrain from giving this number to someone to enter your account again. Direction Get a 34-digit

bitcoin address starting with 1 or 3, and if you are using a Block Chain account, go to

your account at the option or Click the Receive button next to the send option to provide

a Bitcoin address for you to the China Cell site and use it to charge or buy Bitcoin. Below

are some examples of Bitcoin Ebers .

For example: 1P6DBF5g ****** NkFJFHbw2e or 3A4U175prU ***** u8fnF9Nx3Ly


9 – How do I pay with Bitcoin at a specific site to buy a product or service?

At the site, click on the payment option with bitcoin. The bitcoin value will be shown to

you and a bitcoin url will be generated for your order. It will be necessary to deposit the

required quoted amount within the specified time period. After the beta-quinn deposit, and

at least 2 or up to 6 configurations (confirmation from Bitcoin network side in the world)

Eating your Bitcoin transaction will automatically charge your account balance or account

on the site you are looking for .


10 – What is bitcoin? How long does Bitcoin’s cohort take?

After you pass Bitcoin to the other account, it must be verified by the Bitcoin World Network.

The time of the cohort depends on the network speed Bitcoin and the amount of your paid

payout at the time of the bitcoin delivery, and it may take a few minutes to a few days to eat.

To raise the fee Sending bitcoin on your behalf when sending bitcoin to another account

or a site account from the send section and at the bottom of the box, send the bitcoin send

advansed to set up your beta quinine .  It’s worth noting how much tax you have to

send bitcoin on your behalf, your beta queyning transaction will be faster than the

configuration or (confirmation) Gets .


11 – What is Perfect Money ?

Perfect Money is a universal system that was created as a perfect tool for online payments .

Here is what you can do with Perfect Money : make money transfers between users;
accept payments on behalf of various business projects on the Internet; make regular payments

on the Internet; store funds in a secure electronic account and receive interest;
pay for goods and services in various online stores; store your assets in cryptocurrency with no risk and

no need to set up an extra wallet; buy bitcoin, gold, USD and EUR currency online; borrow and loan funds

are your own terms

What are Perfect Money supported currencies?
Each user account is a multicurrency one. It is subdivided into 4 different currency accounts:

 USD (PM units, the equivalent  of United States dollar) EUR (PM units, the equivalent of Euro) GOLD

(PM units, the equivalent of the precious metal expressed in troy ounces) Bitcoin (property rights for the publication

of entries in the global public database of bitcoin.org network for Perfect Money are reserved by

Startup Research & Investments LLC);

Useful links :

1 – Perfect Money exchange

2 – Official Website and Perfect Money Online http://perfectmoney.is


12 – What is WebMoney?

Webmoney is a fast and easy electronic payment system for online businesses that allows

you to conduct financial transactions in the shortest time. It is possible without a

bank account or credit card. These transactions are very secure, irreversible and

unidentifiable. Now about 6 Millions of users on the planet use WebMoney, and

day-to-day facilities and services, as well as users of this electronic money, are rising .

Is. The most important feature of this electronic money system is security .

Useful links :

1 – WebMoney exchange

2 – Official Website and webMoney Online https://www.wmtransfer.com


Thanks to the hadipay site team



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