learn wallet Dogecoin online account opening : 

  First click on the link below or below 


Click the Create Wallet Option : Create Wallet

1- Enter your email address .

2- Enter a 10-digit password .

3- Check your password again. (Be sure to remember it .)

Click on this option => Create wallet

Copy the code that the site provides to you. (This is your WMID) – because when you log in again

You will need it and you will not be able to retrieve it at all (even by e-mail) – your WMID and your password.

Also save on notepad or flash drive .

After this step, you must go to your email and confirm your account – the account opening task

has ended. Now you wallet You encounter yourself. As you can see in the picture, you will be presented

with a code for your duqquin wallet or so-called account numberYour shower is yours .

To receive and charge your Duckling account, use this address, which starts with a large D – also through

the send section of this bag You can send money to your friend’s money wallet .

 This online purse is Dogecoin based on the comments of most world users and the site has no responsibility .


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