learn create wallet ethereum : 

To open a ethereum online account or online wallet, please click on the link below :
Then follow the steps below :
1 – First click on the sign up optoin at the top of the blockchain site, as shown below :

2 – On the page, enter your registration information below as shown below :


3 – Receive email from the blockchain site containing the wmid wallet number you used when you sign in again
  It has its own blockchain account, because when you need to re-enter it, you need to save it in a flash and a notebook .
As shown below: (Do not see this WMID number to anyone)

4 – After clicking on the link given inside your email and directing to your blockchain account – you

have two important options inside your account :

5 – After clicking on the send option you can have your ethereum account on the account number of others :

6 – Then click on the Request option, you can receive a 42-digit account number to charge your blockchain Account :

*** Features and Extra Account Menu for your blockchina Account Account :

8 – Confirm your email and your mobile number. Then click on your SETTINGS account in your blockchin account .


9 – If you charge your account, your blockchain account balance will increase as shown below :


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