learn wallet payeer : 

First click on the link below or below :
Click the Sign up option .

Enter your email address (be sure to enter the email accurately)
Tick the last option (ticking this option means reading the rules of Paeer and of course required .)


Enter your email in the field below to enter the activation code, which means that your email is verified.
Check the inbox and spam folder in the mail; the email may have been sent as spam.
An email has been sent to you as shown below .

Enter the code as shown below in the Confirmation section.
1- If you enter your email address incorrectly, you can correct this field .
2. Click Confirm to continue .

The site gives you information such as password or username and does not need to be selected.
Take note of this information or take a picture of this page.
(To take a screenshot from the monitor screen, hold down the Ctrl keypad and press PrtScrn and then in the program Paste )
*** You need this information to log in to your account .

entire !
This image is from your Payeer account :

*** If your payee account is not verified, you can only withdraw $ 300 a month.
*** If your Payeer account has been verified, you can withdraw up to $ 15,000 per month .

 This online purse is Payeer based on the comments of most world users and the site has no responsibility .


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