learn wallet perfectmoney + Confirmation of account : 

Perfect Money account is an Internet account that was launched in 2007 and registered in Panama.

This account works with currency units of the US dollar, the Euro and GoldGrams. To register here, click the

following banner or the following site:


I set up the registration process as a video as follows :

Fill the following boxes carefully


After signing up, Perfect Money will send you a number with the name of the Member ID, which will be

your username and will be logged in .You should use this code . Note may come to the site when

you enter another site because your IP has changed from youRequest confirmation of your account

using a PIN. Just enter your email and send us the PIN code Enter the relevant section .

 To receive and recharge your Perfect Money account, you must withdraw the account number starting

with a U large as follows in the middle of your Perfect Money account and give someone or the site

you want to send Perfect Money :

Explain important parts of Perfect Money account:

Send Money: Transfer funds between Perfect Money accounts

Statement: Billing

History: Recent Transactions and Periodic Transactions

Settings: Account Settings and Personal Information

Logout: (Logout) Click on Logout for the rest of your work.



 Training (Verification) Perfect Money Account : 

Perfect Money is the most popular currency bank in Iran, which does not need to be paid for

deposit and withdrawal, but if you are a voter, the payout For example, in the case of orphaned, the

transfer fee is $ 50.25, but in the unvaccinated state $ 1. For account vibes, first go to the settings section .

There are three parts in this section that you must make all three :

1- Identification card

2- Addresses

3. Phone voices

1- Identification cards :

To do this, make a scan from a national card or passport or passport with Photoshop or a program.
Paint the computer. Try removing all the specs with a stamp and insert it in English. Try to stamp it down
 Make the slightest change to the appearance of the ID card and get the exact spot from the same spot.
2- Addressing the address :

Use your home phone to locate the address from the scan of electricity bill – place your home address and

place it at the top of the page .Use your billing details and insert your English equivalent .
3. Phone number :

Enter your pre-imported mobile number and the option below to contact you with Perfect Money .

The IVR will tell you 4 numbers, enter these 4 numbers and your account will be complete and verified .

 This online purse is Perfectmoney based on the comments of most world users and the site has no responsibility .


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