learn wallet webmoney+ Confirmation of account : 

first , Click to blew link :


1 – Click on the sign up option :

2 – Write the open boxes very carefully :

Enter the PIN to send to your mobile :

Make your own password and repeat the password and accept the rules of the webmoney site :

To create your wallet, click on the + Add option and the submenu Create a wallet  and the wmz section :

then :

*** You can also open your Ruble and Bitcoin account numbers for your webmaster account and so on .


 Enable webmoney permissions settings : 

Click on more section and settings section 

From the Restrictions section, enable PAYMENTS and INVOICES and MESSAGES options :

 Get your formal passport or more for your webmaster account : 


Click MY PROFILE below section formal or higher level passport

Fill out your full registration information for a WebMoney Passport exactly in the form below :

After filling out the information form, you will be given a section to upload your identification documents

and your bill of contents. – Color Scanning will send the documents to English for the WebMoney

website. – WebMoney website will look at the documents for up to 3 business days and in The confirmation

form for your Webmoney account will be issued by your formal passport .


*** Here is the overall picture of your webmoney account – to get your webmoney from others, see

your webmoney account number, which Z with a great one .

 How Money transfer in WM Keeper Standard : 

As you progress through the stages :

Your mobile will send the PIN code to send your transaction, and enter it in the box .

 This online purse is Webmoney based on the comments of most world users and the site has no responsibility .


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