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PayPal ranked among the most popular electronic payment systems. It is used by the citizens of many countries. However, we can not say that the payment system is available in all states. Analysts are three levels of availability of PayPal. The availability depends on where the user resides.

  • Level 1 provides a wide range of possibilities: EPS customers can conduct all financial transactions;
  • Layer 2 capabilities are somewhat limited: users can only transfers (send and receive money);
  • Level 3 allows only pay for goods or services.

In some countries, PayPal is not officially closed, but the user at the time of registration can be a little cunning and specify one of the states where the payment system operates legally, for example, Russia.


The main features of CSE PayPal

PayPal has certain advantages over similar servers. Due to the widespread popularity of card payments, system customers have virtually unlimited possibilities: PayPal money take almost all of the virtual trading points and auctions.

This payment system is easy to use. The interface is intuitive (even understand people will be able to it, which does not have special skills to work on the Internet) and is available in many languages, including Russian. The user can create a template of a financial transaction. bank card details are stored in the “memory” of the system.

Payment system works very quickly: all payments are carried out within a few minutes. If the sender’s and recipient’s accounts have been opened in different currencies, the conversion is carried out automatically.

For the registration and maintenance of personal account customers bills do not pay anything. Transferring money to a PayPal account as well free of charge (fee for the transaction, the conversion or transfer of funds from one country to another can take a financial institution in which the bank account was opened).

What you need to work in PayPal?

To carry out financial transactions through this server, users must obtain one of these cards: Mastercard Standart, VISA Classic, American Express. In this case, the card account to enroll funds – at least three conventional units. This amount will need to authorize the card. The payment document via Visa Electron will not work.

During registration, the system will ask for the address of the electronic mailbox. It should be applicable. The e-mail comes a link to confirm your registration. It is better to use the service with a two-tier authentication system.

Take care to currencies on the card and PayPal in the payment were identical. This is to avoid losses during the conversion.

All transactions are carried out in the service of credit card, so regardless of the amount, which is in the account, the balance in the CSE will be zero. Jobs PayPal performed as follows: first, to replenish card account, then the payment is made the goods or services through the electronic payment system.


How to register in the EPS PayPal?

To become a user of PayPal, you should register in the system. You can do this on the official site www.paypal.com . On the home page (at the top) is the key Sign Up ( «Registration”). You need to select the country and language. Next, you should decide the status. Only “in the online buying and selling,” available for the CIS countries and “for individuals.” We click the button “Open an account PayPal».

Before you open the registration form – it needs to be filled. In special columns should enter the e-mail (required when logging in), password (preferably choose the complex code consisting of letters and numbers), surname, name and patronymic (in full), address, mobile number (used in case have problems with transactions or e-account), date of birth. All data is required in English.

In the next step you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of work in the system and take them by pressing the “I agree to open an account.”

Next opens another form that must be filled. This should include a card number, date, month and year when the card validity will be finished, as well as a number consisting of 3 (sometimes 4) digits – this number is on the back of the card.


Verification email address

After all registration steps completed, the e-mail message goes to the link to verify your email address. Message must be activated by clicking the link ( “Click to activate the Account”). Pressing the mouse button, you will go to one of the pages. The system asks you to enter the password you chose during the opening of the account.

Confirm e-mail is possible and in a personal account. To do this, click on the link “Confirm your e-mail address” (you can find the link in the “Task List”) and enter the confirmation code specified in the notification.


payment card verification procedure

It is desirable that credit cards to link to PayPal, have been verified (checked by the system). It is necessary for the smooth operation. In addition, verification of bank cards – this is a guarantee of financial safety of the user. This procedure allows you to verify that the holder of the payment instrument is a specific person. Verification will raise the limits: you can perform financial transactions on larger amounts than users with unconfirmed cards.

The verification procedure of a credit card is simple. With the account will be charged about $ 2 (later the money will be returned). Once the payment has been completed, the transaction will archive payment receipt, which contains the code of 4 digits – it needs to be put in a special box on the website of the payment system. Find out the code by phone, call the bank customer support center, online via internet banking or statements of transactions on the card account.

Card verification procedure is better to go immediately after login. If this is not done, the job opportunities in the payment will be reduced to a minimum, for example, severe restrictions on the amounts of money turnover.

What will the verification?

  • increase limit;
  • ability to accept payments from all PayPal users;
  • verified accounts are locked only in the most extreme cases.