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WebMoney payment sistem ?

Buy and sell & exchange instant and atomatic  web money

In 1998, on the internet, a new server – a system of electronic payments WebMoney. Of EPS was swift: in just a few years has gained an international dimension payment system. The company serves about 30 million customers. WebMoney services are used by common people, private entrepreneurs and large companies and organizations.

The possibilities are very broad bills. In addition to various financial transactions (money transfers, account recharge, payment for goods and services), customers can EPS:

  • monitor the status of their accounts;
  • convert currencies;
  • to attract investment;
  • resolve disputes;
  • conclude deals.

Financial transactions carried out instantly. It is worth remembering that the recall operation, which has already been realized, it is impossible, so before you press the button “pay” you need to carefully check the details and accuracy of the transferred amount.

WebMoney system is working on the technology, in which customers bills provides a single interface. Holders purses can independently manage their accounts. Funds are held in specialized organizations, called Guarantors. The user has the right to choose the Guarantor to open an e-wallet. All e-bills per customer are combined into a single system – keeper. Every person who registers on the website of the company, receives a personal unique number – WMID.

To interact with other participants in the system, the user must provide complete information about yourself, which is thoroughly tested server administration.


Types of electronic purses in WebMoney EPS

Payment system offers several options for electronic invoices. The user can select the best for him WebMoney purse (or even several). On each of the accounts you can store a certain type of currency. The system opens the ruble, dollar purses, the account with the European currency, Belarusian rubles and Ukrainian hryvnia. There are also purses, which can store cryptocurrency (EKZT, bitcoin) or warehouse receipts for exchange gold bullion.

The EPS cash measured title marks WebMoney (WM).


management system e-invoices

  1. Keeper Standard (Mini) – this is the easiest type of purse. It can work in any browser, including on your mobile. To enter the site, the user must enter the username and password. The input can be carried out and through social networks. The possibilities of this account are limited.
  2. Keeper WebPro (Light) – This purse has a wealth of opportunities. Sign in, you can use the username and password, or personal e-certificate.
  3. Keeper WinPro (Classic) – this purse is designed for Windows operating systems. To sign in to your account, you need a secret key, which can be stored in a file or in storage protection system E-NUM.
  4. Keeper Mobile – a special application through which you can manage accounts with a laptop computer or a modern mobile phone.


Fees WebMoney

Conducting a financial transaction, the user must pay a fee – 0.8% of the total amount (but not less than 0.01 WM).

In carrying out transactions between e-accounts of the same type do not need to pay a fee.

If deals are made on credit, the commission will be 0.1% (not less than 0.01 WM) of all loans granted.


What is a certificate in WebMoney?

When registering, all users receive a certificate of EPS (electronic type certificate). In the payment certificates 12. The most popular are the following.

  1. Alias. This certificate is issued to customers during registration, and is the lowest level from the client does not require passport information and other identity documents.
  2. Formal. you must enter passport information to obtain this certificate, but they are not checked by the system. But in some cases, the service may require copies of documents. After they are verified, the opportunity to expand the purse. For example, the customer can withdraw money via WebMoney Banks.
  3. Elementary. To obtain this certificate, the user must provide the documents notarized, and pay about 7 WMZ. All data are checked. Submitting documents can be in person or send by mail.
  4. Personal. This is a basic certificate in EPS WebMoney. To get it, you need to transfer the administration of the company documents certified by a notary, and to pay a fee (about 20 WMZ). This kind of electronic wallet gives its owner certain privileges, as opposed to the lower-level accounts.
  5. Registrar. This is the highest level. Issue it is only entitled to assessment centers. To obtain a certificate, the client should visit the company’s Moscow office Webmoney.

The system also works certificates issued to customers who are engaged in any business, for example, a certificate developer certificate of the seller. Organizations and companies open Capitaller certificates and certificates of payment machines.

Electronic card WebMoney

WebMoney company provides its customers the opportunity to register virtual cards. The user can exchange WebMoney Money for fiatnye currency, transfer money to the card and to pay for goods and services in online stores.

MasterCard the Virtual (Unembossed) can be linked to the e-wallet. Right to do so have customers who are citizens of Russia and have at least a formal certificate in EPS.

This payment document does not have the physical media, but their functionality is not no different from plastic bank cards. The only thing that can be done with the card, so it is to withdraw cash from an ATM or pay for your purchase through the terminal.


Resolving disputes

Often between users of the system there are disputes. Help solve their arbitration. For example, if a customer is not satisfied with the results of the transaction, it can apply for arbitration services in which the claim will be considered.

There are two types of claims.

  1. Warning (is for informational purposes).
  2. Lock. It provides for certain sanctions to the person to whom the claim is made:
  • suspension of service of electronic purses;
  • margin call deposit amount, which is a guarantee of compliance.

Users can file claims and the system staff. arbitration services are free of charge. After the arbitration will consider the application and confirm the fact of improper behavior of EPS participant, measures will be taken. We consider the application within 7 days from the date of its submission.

Decisions taken by the arbitration commission are final, they can not appeal.


Safety system

Holders of electronic purses in WebMoney payment system can not worry about their financial security: their savings are protected. The server provides several authentication options:

  • through files that contain private keys;
  • through individual electronic certificates;
  • with a username and complex password.

Against unauthorized access accounts are protected by a two-stage safety system. To enter your personal cabinet, the user must not only enter the login and the code, but also to write a check, one-time password that is sent to your mobile phone. On the safety and care services E-Num, its function is to generate the code.

Each operation is carried out in the system, accompanied by a two-phase authorization: paying for the goods, making money transfers, adding partners, terminating the transaction, changing a key file, binding the card and account to a personal profile, the customer must enter the security codes.

Time to notice that the attackers attempted purse, can be due to the ability to track transaction history. In addition, Keeper will not work if you log in with IP-addresses, which has not been set yet by the owner.

To protect yourself from scams, transferring money to flogs another participant in the system, the customer can use the services of “protection of the codes”, Escrow is service, “protection in time.” These services are free.

If the option is “protection of the codes” has been selected, the recipient can not use the transferred money until you have entered a special code that is known only to him and to the sender. for the introduction of the code is limited. If upon the expiration of the password has not been sent or has been entered incorrectly multiple times, means return addresser.

When “protection time” the recipient can manage finances only after the expiry of which has been designated by the sender of payment.

Escrow Service protects the transaction security deposit.