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Yandex money peyment sistem ?

Buy and sell & exchange instant and atomatic   Yandex money Rub

Electronic Payment System “Yandex” appeared on the expanses of the global network in the beginning of the second millennium (2002). The server in the first months of his work received a certificate authorizing the company to operate in the banking sector (the direction of online payment). This is unprecedented in the history of the domestic banking business.

Website “Yandex” has a user-friendly intuitive interface. accounts can be managed from any computer device. It is natural that such opportunities are not left without attention of people who know how to make money on the different types of trading currencies (as fiatnymi and electronic money). This server is the first to provide users with an opportunity to replenish the balance profile in to Skype.

Use of the ESR is very simple. The client transferred to the account “Yandex. Money “Ruble receives cryptocurrency.

The only disadvantage of “poison” is that the system can use only Russian citizens, but to foreigners access is blocked. All operations are conducted in the national currency – Russian rubles. And it is very convenient for the ordinary people who pay for goods and services it is this kind of currency.


Personal account in EPS “Yandex”

To open an account in this system, does not require any investment. Server offers several interfaces: the future, the user should choose the most comfortable.

  1. “Yandex. Purse”. To open the account here, you must be registered in the “Yandex”. All financial transactions carried out through a browser. The account is opened very simply. For example, a person who already has an e-mail to “Yandex”, is authorized and activates the wallet. The next step is to enter an access password and fill out a form (client must provide personal data). After that, the computer window will appear in which entered the account number and balance. All rooms purses start at number 41001.
  2. Online Wallet. To work in this interface should download and install on your desktop computer is a special program. In this case, the registration in “Yandex” is not required.

Each of the interfaces has its own characteristics. The advantages of “Yandex. Wallet “a lot more:

  • it is easy and convenient to operate;
  • it gives users more features (some services and applications that only work in “Yandex. Wallet.”

Cash in “Yandex” takes place immediately. Users of the system can perform a variety of financial transactions: remittances, payment of goods and services, conversion and so on. However, in “Yandex” provides restrictions on the amount. For example, when one-off payments are allowed to spend no more than 15 thousand rubles. Owners of registered purses may dispose of the amounts of 60 thousand rubles (1 step). But users who have passed authentication, have great benefits: they can spend 500 thousand rubles.

People who are engaged in the sale of IT-products, can also make transactions through the payment “Yandex” system. However, in order to obtain the right to conduct such operations, the user is encouraged to submit an application for the store binding to EPS “poison.”

This can be done by implementing PIN online system or via points, receiving payments from individuals.

This EPS is very popular among those who often make purchases in virtual shops. Payments are carried out quickly and without problems: no queues and fees.

Attention! EPS The administration insists that users provide when registering real information about themselves. This requirement is exclusively for the benefit of the clients themselves: if I lose access to your account (for example, password), the system will be able to restore them or return the money only after the customer confirms that he is the owner of the account.


The identification procedure

Personal customer information is confidential. Data on the performed transactions and account status are not available to outside users.

Identified customers are provided more opportunities. Pass the procedure of identification in various ways.

  1. A citizen may apply to the office of the company “Yandex”. With a need to have a passport and a statement (the form can be download on the official website of the system).
  2. Send documents can be e-mail service. However, in this case, all the documents (including the personal signature) must be certified by a notary.
  3. “Euroset” to contact the office. With a need to have a passport and 50 rubles (1 ruble will be transferred to the purse account).


How to top up the balance of the purse

“Yandex” offers many ways to replenish the purse.

  1. Through intra-translation.
  2. With the help of credit cards popular all over the world systems VISA , MasterCard.
  3. Through terminals.
  4. Through retail outlets of the company “Euroset”.
  5. The ATM “Alfa-Bank” or through internet banking “Alfa-Click.”
  6. Using the services of virtual banks.

When refill is charged fee (the amount will depend on the type of money transfer). More often than not “poison” customers replenishing their wallets through online banks and payment terminals.


On tariffs in “Yandex” system

System tariffs quite democratic.

  1. When bank transfers and account replenishment through retail outlets No fee is charged.
  2. Currency Conversion to other EPS commission will be 4.5%.
  3. Payments with prepaid cards are made without commissions.


  1. Conclusion on the bank card – 3.5%.
  2. Make a request for remittances – 4.5%.
  3. Plastic card “Yandex” will cost the client 199 rubles for three years of service.
  4. The transfer of money at stake “POISON” is free of charge.
  5. for intra-delivery commission is half a percent of the amount.

The amount of withdrawal is limited. Members who have passed authentication, can translate into cash not more than 6 million rubles, and anonymous clients – no more than 300 thousand rubles.


The “Yandex” differs from similar systems?

Differences “poison” from other EPS considerable.

  • Where all financial transactions are in rubles.
  • System customers may be the only Russian residents.
  • Payments are protected by codes patronage.
  • The system has two categories of clients: anonymous and identified. For each category, the server offers its own terms. Greatest privileges are identified clients.
  • Users “Yandex” could get plastic payment card. You can use it to perform various financial transactions with a minimum commission.