Important rules of the site : (All necessary observance is required.)


1 – To enter the information on the order form of exchange or registration, be sure to “pay attention

to the correctness of the information .


2 – All exchange processes via email * Dear customers, you will be sent a message so all in all
Forms of conversion, mention of starred * are required .


3 – Your user is responsible for storing and using the product purchased at any place, at any place

and at any time, and will not accept any liability for the purchase of an electronic currency

purchased by the user .


4 – The user is responsible for collecting the electronic currency source in his account for

converting electronic currencies to himself, and he has no responsibility whatsoever as to

how and how to collect the user’s electronic currency in his account .

5 – Given that the price of electronic currencies is instantaneous and there is a momentous

momentum (prices can rise up and down at a moment) and is linked to the stock price of the world

of electronic currencies and is not in our hands – the site There is no responsibility for any

changes in the price of electronic currency after the exchange .


6 – Allowing your account on the site (your username and password) to be shared with other

people as a whole “unauthorized If you find such a situation, your account will be deleted and blocked .

7 – The responsibility for entering the account number or incorrect information in the form of

exchange is to receive electronic currency or the user itself .


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