what is Dashcoin

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what is Dashcoin

What is Dashcoin?


Dash is a digital currency based on the basic codes of Bitcoin and Light Coin

Various improvements and changes have been embedded in it, making it different since its inception in 2014.

Evan Duffield, maker of Dash, addresses it in order to address three key issues in the Bitcoin network

Observed build: privacy, monitoring and transaction speed. For three years

In the past, Dash has become one of the world's top digital currencies with market value

Despite being a competitive market, it is among the top ten digital currencies.

Dash's main goal is to make digital money much more efficient. Now you can

Send bitcoins for online transactions and valuable transfers. However waiting time for confirmation

Transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain, the use of bitcoins for in-store transactions

Or make other transfers that require immediate approval impossible.

The high bitcoin fee makes it an unsuitable choice for small transactions

And limits its usefulness as a public digital currency for the purchase of products and services.

Dash seeks to solve such problems with its innovative architecture.



A Brief History of Dashcoin


Dash began as a fork of Bitcoin and Light Coin. Dash with emphasis on preservation

Privacy and transaction speed were initially known as Quinnie for illegal transactions.

Early in its introduction, this coin was known as XCoin, then the name

It soon changed to Dark Quinn, then came up with the idea that privacy features

Private With the desire to break away from the Dark Quinn Association, the community was renamed Dash

Found that it is derived from two words (digital cash) or digital cash.


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